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Pink PussyCat Toys is run by a company of close knit employees, and we love what we do.
We may not always have the lowest price on the web, or get your product delivered the next day if you order within the next 3 hours, but please know that when you buy from us, the money you spend goes to one of those "small businesses" always being mentioned on the news, as well as back in to a LOCAL economy, and local people.

We do not have some sterile corporate office with a chef making avacado toast on non-gmo bread, or a space with bean bag chairs and big screen tvs.  We are people, like you. with families, and kids, and grocery lists, and bills.. We drink booze, laugh out loud at fart jokes, and think 'boner' is a great word. So please know, We truly appreciate your business very, very much.

Be assured that you are getting genuine, first quality products from us.

technoweenie, inc. can be reached at:
PO BOX 259
NEW YORK, NY 10024

Should you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us.
via email, or by phone 512-203-4465 

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