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Robo Suck 2 Pump

Robo Suck 2 Pump
Robo Suck 2 Pump
Robo Suck 2 Pump
Robo Suck 2 Pump


Features of the Robo Suck 2 Pump

The first masturbator that sucks, strokes, and vibrates at the same time.

A nubby sleeve enhances the feel of multi-speed vibration.

You adjust exactly where the stroke hits.

We have gotten numerous complaints that this item does not have very much suction and tends to get jammed.Some men swear by the use of pumps as effective tools for increasing size while others think pumps have no lasting effect.

Pumps can extend length while using, but the question is, will the penis return to original size after using? Unfortunately we do not have that answer and can not guarantee or be responsible for any results.


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