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Sona Cruise Cerise

Sona Cruise Cerise
Sona Cruise Cerise
Sona Cruise Cerise
Sona Cruise Cerise
Sona Cruise Cerise


Features of the Sona Cruise Cerise

Lelo Sona Sonic Cruise Control Technology Clitoral Massager Cerise Pink a whole new sensation for a whole new orgasm.

For most women sexual pleasure is as much as the journey as the destination.

A whole new pleasure concept from Lelo Sona Sonic Cruise stimulates the entire clitoris even the parts you do not see with eager fluttering pulses for a different type of orgasm produced by the massage of sonic waves.

It is a prolonged after a sensual build up an orgasm that comes from deep inside you.

Sona Cruise control keeps your pleasure exactly right.

Special feature.

What is Cruise Control? For the first time ever the technology that has been in sport cars comes to your sex toy.

specially developed by Lelo and exclusively for Sona Cruise.

Sona features waterproof, easy to clean.

The smooth waterproof design makes it easily to keep clean.

Fully USB rechargeable.

Use the included USB cord for recharging.

8 pleasure settings.

A well designed selection of sensations for that just right feeling.

Ahead of the competitors in every respect.

More power.

More features.

More quality.

More pleasure.

Technical data: made using Silicone, ABS plastic.

Lithium ion battery.

Standby 90 days.

Approximately 99 X 88 X 56mm e or 3.89 inches by 3.46 inches by 2.2 inches.

116g e or 4.09 ounces.

Charge time 2 hours.

Use time 1 hour.

8 modes.




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