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Mimic Massager Lilac

Mimic Massager Lilac
Mimic Massager Lilac
Mimic Massager Lilac
Mimic Massager Lilac
Mimic Massager Lilac
Mimic Massager Lilac
Mimic Massager Lilac


Features of the Mimic Massager Lilac

Clandestine Devices Mimic Massager Manta Ray shaped Lilac Purple handheld is a sensory experience.

Designed to be touched.

Mimic took shape with the human form in mind.

Acting like an extension of the hand, Mimic was designed with a user friendly interface, thoughtful colors, and features to ease use in the dark and underwater.

It is not necessarily limited by gender, only the imagination.

Mimic is unlike any other, it is soft, sleek, slender, and feminine.

Mimic was crafted with comfort and pleasure in mind.

Its unique, ergonomic shape fits perfectly in the curve of your hand.

You can easily access the simple thumb controlled interface, which allows eight intense vibration patterns to travel to their pinpoint location or a more broad sensitive zone via the body, wings, and tip.

Apply Mimic to the body to stimulate the clitoris, labia, and vulva.

Massager is designed to hit multiple pleasure points at one time for a mind blowing sensation.

Or use it with a partner.

The thin device allows you to hold it between your bodies while being close for clitoral stimulation and penetration during intercourse.

The USB rechargeable Mimic is waterproof for fun in and out of the water and easy cleanup.

Vibrator features: 8 vibration patterns.

Keeps things interesting.

Made using body safe Silicone for your most sensitive parts.

100% waterproof.

Enjoy anywhere.

Travel lock make your journey memorable.

LED Glow for when the lights go down.

Discreet vibrations a secret worth keeping.

USB Rechargeable.

One year warranty provided by Clandestine Devices.

Silicone shaft, ABS plastic base.

4.2 inches overall length.

1.5 inches top, 2 inches center by .75 inch top and .9 inch bottom.




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