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Master Series Cadence Vibrating Urethreal Sound

Master Series Cadence Vibrating Urethreal Sound
Master Series Cadence Vibrating Urethreal Sound
Master Series Cadence Vibrating Urethreal Sound
Master Series Cadence Vibrating Urethreal Sound


Features of the Master Series Cadence Vibrating Urethreal Sound

Master series Cadence Vibrating Urethral Sound from XR Brands.

The pulse and rhythm of this premium vibrating sound will certainly send him over the edge time and time again.

Made of premium silicone so it bends within the body.

This highly powerful piece sends a strong vibration through the tip straight into your playthings cock.

Simply insert the sound and turn on the vibration.

It is your domain.

Measurements: 6 inches in total length, 2.5 insertable, 0.22 inch in diameter at head, 0.14 inches in diameter at shaft.

Material: Silicone.

Color: Black.

Note: requires (5) tab batteries, not included.

Category: Vibrating Sex Toys Master Series Urethral Sounds XR Brands Silicone Vibrators.

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With an eye on an under served market of advanced Domination ware the Masters Series is a line for the Aficionado player and skilled playthings.

While certainly not for the faint of heart, this devious line includes: domination tools that cover the spectrum of anal/vaginal dominance, chastity, sensation play, urethral play, nipple play and lotions and potions to support all play.




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