Pink Pussycat Sextoys

Sensuelle Point Pink 20 Functions

Sensuelle Point Pink 20 Functions
Sensuelle Point Pink 20 Functions
Sensuelle Point Pink 20 Functions
Sensuelle Point Pink 20 Functions
Sensuelle Point Pink 20 Functions
Sensuelle Point Pink 20 Functions


Features of the Sensuelle Point Pink 20 Functions

The NU generation in personal stimulation.

NU: Naked Sensuelle: Sensual.

Discover your deepest sensual desires with NU Sensuelle Erotic toys, designed to meet your every need using state of the art technology.

Each toy is special, with unique features to arouse your curiosity and enhance your sexual experience.

Ultra smooth, silky touch silicone that feels amazingly sensual against the skin, designed to heighten your senses.

Easy to recharge in a compact docking station, so that your NU Sensuelle toy is always ready at your fingertips.

The range is fully rechargeable and comes with both a plug and an USB cord.

The NU Sensuelle rechargeable range also comes with a discreet dust bag to protect your new sex toy.

NU Sensuelle, for whenever you are in the mood for an amazing experience.

What are you in the mood for? Sensuelle Point Pink Bullet Vibrator.

Sensuelle Point 20 Function Rechargeable Bullet Black.

Get straight to The Point.

Don't settle for anything less powerful! Finally! A bullet that has it all.

Amazingly powerful, 20 functions, sensual touch and rechargeable! The Sensuelle Point is twice dipped in silicone, to give you an ultra smooth, silky, sensual feel.

It is beautiful to touch, but is also is mind-blowing intense.

It is not just a bullet, it is a new breed of bullet that will redefine what a good bullet is.

Simply put, it is a Super Bullet.

Unlike any other bullet you have ever touched! It is a phenomenon to be marveled at and will cause a sensation.

One touch of this incredible bullet is all it will take! Experience the Sensuelle Point Bullet.

Weight 0.07 pound.

Length 3.6 inches.

Width base 0.9 inch.

Width tip 0.75 inch.

Nu toys for adults from Novel Creations.

Sensuelle Point Vibe from Novel Creations Party LTD Australia.




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